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Refresh, revitalise, restart

Discover our peels and facial treatments 

Nourishing and hydrating treatments that give your complexion a new lease of life. Make a fresh start with your skincare regime – book a consultation with eSKIN in Birmingham today.

Give back to your skin

Your skin is the coat you wear for life, and we want to ensure it receives proper care. eSKIN offers a range of premium peels and facial treatments that are tailored to your specific skin type, its structure and condition. Irrespective of your skin goals, whether it’s to repair or address dryness, our clinic in Birmingham will have everything you need, and more.


Before we recommend any treatment, our skin experts will conduct a thorough consultation so we can understand you and your skin better. From there we’ll advise on your way to flawless, well cared for skin.

  • 15 min

    15 British pounds

  • 1 hr 30 min

    250 British pounds

  • 1 hr

    From 200 British pounds

  • 40 min

    250 British pounds

  • 1 hr

    From 300 British pounds

  • 1 hr

    200 British pounds

  • 45 min

    250 British pounds

  • 30 min

    50 British pounds

  • 1 hr

    360 British pounds

  • 30 min

    200 British pounds
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Our most popular facial, the Jetpeel

Deeply cleansing, exfoliating, and moisturising, the Jetpeel is a must for anyone looking to hydrate and tone the skin, improve circulation, and work to target the appearance of fine lines and acne. 

The procedure uses a supersonic jet containing microdroplets of specially blended saline solution accelerated at a velocity of up to 200m/second. The stream strikes the skin, causing the dead layer to seamlessly peel, instantly revealing smoother, fresher skin. 

Jetpeel treatment
hydra oxygen facial

Discover the HydraFacial

This non-invasive procedure combines hydrating serums with deep pore cleaning and exfoliation, to improve texture, tone and leave the skin looking plumper and brighter. 

Our first job is to lift dead cells and impurities with our gentle detox, cleansing and exfoliation techniques. We’ll then use a brightening solution to loosen congested pores before the extraction of blackheads and debris. The final stages focus on hydration, using specialist tools to stimulate collagen production and replenish the skin. 

Chemical peels – they’re chosen for a reason

Healthy skin doesn’t happen overnight. Start with our chemical peel to target the signs of ageing and enhance your body’s natural fibroblast activity.


The chemical peel is aimed to stimulate the skin, promote oxygenation and give the appearance of more even tone. Whilst deeply purifying, the procedure is delicate on the skin’s surface and does not cause irritation, leaving you with a glowing complexion.

chemical peel treatment
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"Ezra has your best interests at heart"

“I had my first ever hydra-facial treatment at eSKIN. It was just perfect in every single way. Suzanna was so friendly, warming and so kind. She spoke through what the facial was going to entail and always asked how I was. She explained what she was doing to the skin i.e., exfoliating, cleansing etc. Suzanna also worked very diligently, and she was taking all the steps to make sure she was being thorough and not missing any spots. In addition to this, Suzanna also kindly gave me advice on how to take better care of my skin. It was an incredibly relaxing experience, and I cannot recommend it enough 😊”


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