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Hair loss treatments

Restore your confidence

An innovative approach to tackling hair loss and promoting regrowth. Find out if this treatment could be right for you. Contact eSKIN for a team of some of Birmingham’s most knowledgeable therapists, here to aid you.

Introducing the PRP hair loss treatment 

Premature or sudden hair loss caused by stress and other factors can be hard to deal with. For many clients, this can mean a knock to their confidence and self-esteem, and that’s exactly what eSKIN is eager to combat. 

PRP (platelet-rich plasma) is a non-surgical, 3-step medical treatment that uses your body’s own sources to promote natural hair growth. To begin, our therapists will draw a small amount of your blood. The blood is then processed, and the layers separated, leaving us with platelet-rich plasma. This valuable protein is then injected directly into various points across the scalp. The technique is thought to promote the blood supply to the hair follicle, working to increase the thickness of the hair shaft and stimulate the production of new, healthy cells that lead to hair growth. Whilst results may vary, many of our clients have reported significant regrowth and fuller, healthier looking hair.