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Facial Treatment


HydraFacial is the ultimate skin detoxifying and deep cleansing treatment which rejuvenates your skin with active botanical ingredients. Book your treatment today with the team at eSKIN in Birmingham.

HydraFacial Treatment

The treatment reveals glowing, refreshed and radiant skin with immediate results. HydroFacial is a treatment that everyone can enjoy and is suitable for all skin types and concerns.


How does HydraFacial work?


HydraFacial will give you instant and visible results that you can see and feel after each treatment. This technology follows a six-step treatment process – Detox, Cleanse and Exfoliation, Brightening, Extraction, Hydration and finally Rejuvenation. Dead skin cells and impurities are removed and the skin is hydrated with antioxidants and peptides.


HydraFacial also delivers powerful antioxidants to counteract damage from free radicals such as pollution, sun exposure and stress which can accelerate the ageing process.

Cancellation Policy

  • There is a flat amount of £40 (non-refundable) deposit for every (treatment) bookings.

  • There is a flat amount of £15 (non-refundable) deposit for consultation bookings.

  • Any changes must be confirmed with us at least 48 hours prior to any appointments.

  • 15 min

    15 British pounds

  • 1 hr 30 min

    250 British pounds

  • 1 hr

    From 200 British pounds

  • 40 min

    250 British pounds

  • 1 hr

    From 300 British pounds

  • 1 hr

    200 British pounds

  • 45 min

    250 British pounds

  • 30 min

    50 British pounds

  • 1 hr

    360 British pounds

  • 30 min

    200 British pounds

To book your HydroFacial treatment, simply call eSKIN in Birmingham on:
0121 454 1987

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