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laser hair removal machine

Start your laser journey with eSKIN

With hair removal and laser treatments

You are always welcome to come for a complimentary consultation with our laser specialists, where they will assess your skin condition and hair suitability, and discuss every detail in depth before starting your laser hair removal journey.

Motus AY – a jump into the future of hair removal for all skin types

The Motus AY is revolutionising laser hair removal by offering a unique and effective solution for laser treatment and hair reduction for both men and women. The unique MOVEO Technology allows us to offer you a pain-free treatment.

We only use the best equipment to treat our clients, ensuring the safest and most clinically effective laser skin treatment possible. At eSKIN, we offer The Motus AY - the world’s first FDA approved Alexandrite and Nd:YAG Laser for virtually ‘pain-free’ hair removal treatments on ALL skin types, differentiating it from any other Alexandrite Laser technology on the market.

This unique system uses FDA approved MOVEO Technology for faster, virtually painless hair removal treatments. The integrated sapphire contact cooling tip works with ultra-short light pulses to tackle even the finest of hairs, making it an ideal treatment for our diverse client base in Birmingham. Always working to bring you the gold standard in skincare, Motus AY is brought to you by DEKA, a renowned brand that’s being used by the NHS and in hospitals across the globe. Give your skin the very best with a helping hand from us.

The benefits: 

  • Pain-free using a contact-cooled sapphire tip

  • Specialist FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved

  • Fast and side effect free thanks to Moveo Technology

  • Able to treat safely ALL skin types and ethnicities

  • Effective for all skin types (I to VI) or fair hair patients