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Vitamin Treatment

For vitamin treatment in our friendly clinic, get in touch with the team at eSKIN in Birmingham today.

Vitamin treatment

Vitamin injection treatments have now been used for decades to successfully stimulate natural hair growth and immediate stopping of hair loss. The solution injected can contain a wide range of minerals, vitamins, amino acids, nucleic acids and co-enzymes that can be tailored to each patient’s individual needs and has these benefits:

  • Stimulates growth of new hair

  • Prevents hair breakage

  • Speeds up formation of new hair follicles

  • Repairs damaged tissues in scalp

  • Increases hair density and volume

  • Promotes blood circulation in the scalp

Cancellation Policy

  • There is a flat amount of £40 (non-refundable) deposit for every (treatment) bookings.

  • There is a flat amount of £15 (non-refundable) deposit for consultation bookings.

  • Any changes must be confirmed with us at least 48 hours prior to any appointments.


Call eSKIN in Birmingham on 0121 454 1987 to book your vitamin treatment today

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