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Is it a skincare truth or myth? Will the latest beauty hack really work? We’ll answer those questions and more, bringing you skincare news from our team of professionals. In addition to addressing the latest fads and informing you of new treatments on the market, we’ll also keep you updated on the world of eSKIN, and what the teams at our health centre in Birmingham have been up to. Subscribe today or contact us for media information.

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"They offer really good treatments"

“First and foremost, the reception here is amazing they are very warm and welcoming. They offer really good treatments, I have personally had their acne treatment and also the laser hair removal. The laser was quite good, no pain whatsoever. The acne treatments do vary but nonetheless they are bare-able. I tend to use their services frequently, so I’m used to it. Overall, they are lovely people and I recommend them to anyone who is dealing with acne, hyperpigmentation and ingrown hairs.”


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