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beautiful smiling young woman with long wavy brown hair and freckles

Laser Hair Regrowth

Worried about your hair loss? You can book laser hair regrowth treatment with eSKIN in our Birmingham clinic.

Perfect for hair loss

More and more men suffering with hair loss are desperately searching for a solution that will bring back their beloved head of hair. With many years of experience treating patients with extreme hair thinning and hair loss, our laser hair regrowth procedure not only restores a person’s hair line, but also their self-confidence. The laser programme is best suited for those men with hair loss on a more diffused scale, such as those who are experiencing a receding hairline, general thinning of hair or male pattern hair loss – Not extreme hair loss. Laser hair therapy is a safe, non-invasive and clinically proven treatment for stimulating hair follicles to grow fuller and thicker hair.

Cancellation Policy

  • There is a flat amount of £40 (non-refundable) deposit for every (treatment) bookings.

  • There is a flat amount of £15 (non-refundable) deposit for consultation bookings.

  • Any changes must be confirmed with us at least 48 hours prior to any appointments.


Book your laser hair regrowth by calling eSKIN in Birmingham on: 0121 454 1987

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